mardi 24 avril 2018


 My friend originally from Poland (Andrzej Getka) visited me and brought with him these two "treasures" that I dubbed for myself.

The story takes place a few years ago for RAP and is just about two weeks about ATOMOWA DEZYNFEKCJA. This last one is Pre-MOSKWA, and the singer was "bugs" (Pawel was only guitarist on this recording...). This studio session has been recorded during Autumn 1983, at radio KIKS (An university radio at LODZ). It was originally recorded for the "rockowisko" festival at POZNAN. It was the third time that the musicians practiced all together but they all played already in another bands such as TNT (Guma), RAP (Bugs & Palker). About Rogoz, I can't remember the name of his band before...

The "reel to reel" TAPES are lost and nobody knows who has/had them or where they are/were but the singer kept the unique copy made on normal cassette size... With time, the plastic tape itself has been damaged so he saved the tape itself in another plastic tape (This TDK D 90). The writing on the j-card has been made at that transfer time... Nowadays, some of you know really well MOSKWA. To be honest, I must admit that my faves sessions by them are their fantastic Demo 1984 recorded for Jarocin Festival and, of course, their excellent both versions of the 1986 "Nigdy" demo tape. But, I really like this ATOMOWA DEZYNFEKCJA session cause the first track is an excellent really well made GBH "City baby attacked by rats" cover with a funny touch and sung in Polish tongue (Miasto Dzieci). Then, the second track is untitled and is a total improvisation and, believe it or not, but it rocks! The third track is originally from the RAP 1982 demo and it has been also played on the MOSKWA Jarocin 1984 Demo TAPE then on "Nigdy" Demo TAPE. It's really interesting to listen to all these different versions of this killer track! Track number 4 & 5 have two takes each but they are played differently, above all by the guitar... They're killer tracks and they are also played by Moskwa on Jarocin Demo TAPE 1984.   
 So, maybe that some of you already know how I like a lot early MOSKWA recordings, then it was a big + great surprise for me to have the chance to dubb this session that I played a lot these last days... And it's a direct dubb of the original old "Bugs" cassette cause he gave his own copy to Andrzej (He said that he didn't need anymore it and he was happy that this tape is finding a new good home). So, just judge by yourself by listening a track from this session on the Andrzej'site :

The second treasure is about RAP (REZERWOWA ARMIA PRACY) 5 song 1982 Demo TAPE. This band is also Pre-MOSKWA, so it was from LODZ. It was active from 1981 to 1982. 

 This session isn't really fast but it's a well played primary punk one and, to be honest, the main thing interesting into is that it's Pre-MOSKWA... But, after several listenings, you must admit that it's pleasant!

Bugs gave also it's own old cassette to Andrzej, a few years ago, so, it's almost an unique one but Andrzej told me that a very few dubbs have been made to people in the early days... Here's a song from this session, also available on Andrzej' site :
This Demo TAPE is really old and seems damaged a few but it still plays very well, funny Huh ?