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dimanche 31 mars 2024

JERRY'S KIDZ : Fantastic early 80's American Hardcore punk band from Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Both original versions of their great 7". Both cassettes are from old TAPE trading that I customized. Never seen the original artworks (if they are any ?...).

My fave Kangaroo Records. My fave Who Cares? Records. My fave Blind Spot Records. My fave Gloom Records...

SS 20 : Excellent mid 80's tight powerful catchy and melodic US thrash ’n’ hardcore punk from Ohio, Cincinnati.


The LP cassette version has one bonus track. I LOVE this band but I missed their "Daddy's drunk on X-mas" 7" from 1988 (for some reasons...), so, if someone has a spare copy or do want trade his own, just get in touch and we'll try to work about something... 😉

mercredi 27 mars 2024

PROLETARIAT : Fantastic early 80's US Hardcore Punk band from Boston, MA.


Picture 1 is their original 7-song "Distortion" 1982 demo TAPE + Live Radio WERS 1981 & 1983.
The 1982 Demo TAPE is an excellent job all the way down the line. Real cool packaging and great music, an amazing release!
The live radio sets cassette is from old tape trading. I customized it from what I gather (picture) in the 2000's. Awesome and very early (1981 + 1983).

Picture 2 is a shot about their both orignal vinyls LP's ( from 1983 and 1986).
1st LP mixed several straightforward punk blasts in with the other stuff. A fabulous record!
On the picture, you can see both originals 1983 pressings. According to discogs, 1st pressing is without tracklisting printed on back cover, but, to be honest, I seriously think that it's maybe more a misspressing than a real pressing (?) so hard to find it is. Who really knows...

In fact, each time I saw (and see) it in records stores or on net lists, it was (is) the repressing, even if it's the original from 1983... Take care about sellers on the net cause a lot of them are selling it without any distinction and once you're asking about details, they realised that they just listed it without any attention about 1st or 2nd pressing.

Second LP is excellent as well and the addition of two vocalists is kind of cool and makes things a little more interesting... Very interesting to listen to... Attractive + catchy music.

On the picture, their 2-song 1985 7" is missing. I was not a fan at that time, so, I did sell it. Maybe I'll buy it again, a day...

mercredi 13 mars 2024

KHADAFI YOUTH : Demo TAPE - 1985 (USA, Pennsylvania). Here again, one more cassette from the 80's to reissue on vinyl!


Loud, distorted, sizzling guitar and dirge-oriented bass beats dominate the majority of this sixteen-song crazed dosage of thrash. The rawness of the music is representative of the anger that this band feels toward the typical punk rebel topics. Heavy, rough garage-type production but loud as hell.

Мир (Мihr) : USA, Virginia, Roanake. Demo TAPE 1985 recently reissued on vinyl. Better late than never to pay tribute to such a great session...


lundi 11 mars 2024

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY : I like the early days of this US band from Raleigh, North Carolina.


The cassettes are their 6-song Demo TAPE, the famous "No Core" Comp. TAPE, the Caroline "6 songs with Mike singing" TAPE version and a 4-song practice (from the old TAPE trading days).
About the vinyls, you know what they are... 😉
For some reasons, I've sold "Animosity" LP and "Technocracy" 12" in the 90's, and I never bought them again?? One day maybe...