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mardi 22 octobre 2019

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT : Great FOAD release LP, sent by my friend Eric Mcintire. Limited die hard edition of 100 copies on beer-yellow vinyl with orange and black splattering. Contains their fantastic 1985 "Dead serious" Demo TAPE on side A and a killer practice from 1986 on side B... Thanks!

POISON IDEA : So great to listen again to this killer session. This 12" has an excellent sound quality, so, I'm very happy to add it in my collection now, with my original copy. Thanks to my friend Eric Mcintire who know very well what to send to make me happy! You rule man! 2019 Limited 12" reissue of this classic 7" EP on red transparent vinyl. Comes in a screen printed cover, numbered out of 250 (numbers printed on a sticker on the plastic sleeve). Includes lyric sheet insert, small credits insert, and a sticker. The icing on the cake : This copy is dedicated by Jerry Lang himself... So cool! Eternal thanks, Eric!

AGNOSTIC FRONT : Fantastic 1995 CD (59 min/62 tracks). Rare unreleased recordings. Contains an early Demo TAPE, a long lost studio rehearsal Demo that was recorded by Don Fury, the "United blood" 7" and the session in it's entirety + compilation tracks. GTA delivered us a total masterpiece cause these recordings were unreleased untill the mid 90's and they weren't available at all in the old tape traders circle... Eternal thanks for that!

AGNOSTIC FRONT : Exactly the kind of stuff why I converted into fast hardcore punk at that times... Essential, killer, wonderful, brutal, catchy, fantastic... Not enough words to describe my feelings about!

BALANCE OF TERROR : Excellent 2002 fast US hardcore punk from N. Y. C., New York State.

ASOCIAL : Killer 16-song 1984 Demo TAPE by this great Swedish hardcore punk band from Hedemora..