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dimanche 21 juin 2020

CORRUPTED IDEALS : US hardcore punk band from Long Beach, California. This excellent 1991 LP is between CRUCIFIX and DISCHARGE, a good surprise for a 90's release! I still need their Demo TAPE, released one year before...

CHAOS CHANNEL (CHAOS C.H.) / ADDICTION : Rare 1994 Split Demo TAPE from JAPAN with two bands from Osaka. First, CHAOS CHANNEL, plays a noisy fast hardcore punk. It's Ex-THE DONKEYS (A noisecore band from Kyushu, who relocated and re-named when it moved). Second band is ADDICTION, a hardcore punk band a lot influencesd by the UK 82 style. Very good stuff.

AXE RASH : Catchy 2017 hardcore punk band from Stockholm, SWEDEN. This session has been released the same year in cassette version too, but I think that the 7" vinyl came first (?)...

AWKWARD THOUGHT : Good New York hardcore punk band from Buchanan, USA. Their 1993 1st vinyl release, a classic IMHO...

AWARE! : Typical 1987 US SEHC hardcore punk band from Danbury, Connecticut. I like this release even if I must admit that the singer is sometime annoying on some parts and that the sound of the release is low... Altogether, this release was diverse and powerful at that time!

THE AWAKENING / VIRGINIA BLACK LUNG : 2002 Split 7" EP by two bands from USA. 1st is from Ohio, Columbus and played a good complex hardcore punk with a strong thrash influence. Second, VIRGINIA BLACK LUNG is from PA (Philadelphia ?) and plays a fast modern hardcore punk. Not bad at all...

THE AWAKENING : Their 2nd 7" EP release, also from 2002. Good US fast hardcore punk from Ohio, Columbus. Different versions of 4 songs originally released on their 2001 Demo TAPE.

THE AWAKENING : 2002 US fast hardcore punk from Ohio, Columbus. The drummer played later in NUKKEHAMMER & VILE GASH, among others...Also a very nice release.

samedi 13 juin 2020

AKKOLYTE / E.O.S. : Split 7" EP with two GRINDCORE bands from Texas. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the AKKOLYTE side compared to their 7" from 2000, even if the last song "Amen" is a good one. About E.O.S., it's a very wild fast grindcore with killer riffs, a good surprise cause I've bought this release for the AKKOLYTE side, but obviously an average release IMHO cause of the too much strong grindcore influences...

APPREHENDED VIOLENCE ORDER / RUNNAMUCKS : A great killer fast hardcore punk Split 7" EP release from 2005 with an awesome "bestial" Aussie 2-song 2003 recording session and a wild US 2-song 2004 one on the side B. A total underrated great release, on a great label with two great bands, get it, it's still cheap!

THE CORPSE : Very cool 2016 LP release with old recordings by this cult hardcore punk band from Łódź, Poland. It was a great surprise for me to see that the Side A of this LP was their first ever 7-song 1985 "Curse of the living corpse" Demo TAPE. In fact, this one was almost impossible to find in its entirety, back then, in the old TAPE traders circle. Good sound quality too... Side B is a pleasant 5-song 1987 session recording. A very good release with an old Polish "gem", exhumed now!

CHANNEL 3 : Excellent very early 6-song session Demo TAPE. They are some songs from their May 7, 8 1981 + their Aug 31, Sept 1 1981 Studio sessions but this is "really" only one takes for all the songs. Certainly a 1981 or 1982 Demo session that they used in their early days... ? Anyway, a great cassette to play even if there's not anymore unreleased track nowadays... Old TAPE trading cassette source with D.I.Y. cover.

jeudi 11 juin 2020

APPREHENDED VIOLENCE ORDER : Absolute killer essential 14-song 2001 7" EP released by KANGAROO RECORDS. This band from AUSTRALIA is so wild & violent, with a singer "Crazy as fuck!", that it's enjoyable and a truely "Lesson in fast hardcore punk". Definitely one of the best 2000's release... And you still can buy it for cheap. Get it! Funny cover, hue?

AVENGERS : Excellent 1978 14-song Rehearsal by this legendary San Francisco (CA, USA) killer punk band. Old TAPE trading cassette source that I transferred on a CDr for my own pleasure. Only the CDr has a D.I.Y. cover cause, for some reasons, I never did one for the cassette... Except for the tracklisting.


CHALLENGER CREW : Excellent 1986 10-song Demo TAPE by this fast hardcore punk band from Homburg, GERMANY. Great catchy & fast.

BETRAYED : Awesome killer 1982 5-song Demo TAPE by this fast hardcore punk band from New York City, USA. A total "gem" and a really rare one too!

samedi 6 juin 2020

OILY BLOODMEN : "Hardcore years compilation" 7" 2020 (USA, Oregon, Portand) Kangaroo Records / Sheer Addiction


This is the first word who came when Henk "Kangaroo" Smit told me that this "Hardcore years compilation"  7" release was his new kangaroo records official project (KR84), co-released with a new hardcore punk label based in THE NETHERLANDS : Sheer Addiction (SA01),

 OILY BLOODMEN was a well known 80's band in the old TAPE traders circle cause their "Old men have to talk tough" 8-song 1987 1st Demo TAPE was a legendary Oregon's hardcore punk session (They released a second Demo TAPE with 5 songs, in 1988, too).

 But this band should ring a bell to a lot of records collectors also. Indeed, they recorded two songs on the "City of thorns" LP compilation that Mystic Records released as the second LP of the "Sound Of USA Cities" serie, in 1987,  about Portland, Oregon, USA. OILY BLOODY MEN was a variation name used, and the two tracks were certainly some of the faves off the release for a lot of people owning this vinyl...

 In fact, this band did exist from 1984 till 1992 and played in the Portland underground music scene. It featured the original drummer for POISON IDEA and a bassist with great Portland acts such as SADO NATION, among others...

 Then, henk played the project :
It does consist on its side A of the 5 fast hardcore punk songs off the 1987 Demo TAPE aforementioned.

What a "punch in the face"! It was the first time that I listened to the only fast hardcore punk song of this TAPE, and, to be honest, the only songs that I liked, back then (IMHO). This side kills and I realized that these 5 songs are 5 "hits", when you are playing them successively : POISON IDEA early days are back!

 Then, Henk told me that the side B was also with 5 songs and he played it without further specification...
I was totally blowed away! As soon as the beginning ot the first track, the very clear sound quality strucked me. One by one, the five tracks issued from UNRELEASED early recordings, are totally catchy and sounds like classic "hits", after just one listen. They are short and PERFECT for people into early POISON IDEA stuff : Great guitar riffs, excellent singer, catchy solos, great drummer, strong bass... everything's PERFECT!

 About the artwork, it's simple and effective, exactly what you have to expect for this kind of release. They used the 1st Demo TAPE cover and a two sided insert is included (with pictures, flyers + an interesting history).   

 THE RELEASE OF THE YEAR 2020 is this one, for sure! Of course, if you're talking about the same thing : "Fast early 80's US hardcore punk" that you can play again and again, never boring, just each time, more and more GREAT! 

I've bought for myself 2 copies, impossible to live without this 2020 official 7" vinyl release.

I highly recommend this "already classic gem"!