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vendredi 31 décembre 2021

COLLAPSE : Cult rare & still obscure (At the same time) US hardcore punk from New York City. Very rare 1993 limited edition version with a bonus silk-screened cover, 29 copies made. This American hardcore short-lived band from New York City is well known for his track featuring on NEW BREED : Comp. TAPE. 1989 Don Fury recording, essential for all the people dedicated by the NY HC scene.


COLLAPSE formed in early 1988.

This short-lived band played 4 or 5 shows and recorded a few songs, as well as a track ("Failure") for the NEW BREED Comp. TAPE.
The band broke up in mid 1989.
Some performers played in LIFE'S BLOOD, ABSOLUTION, BURN, QUICKSAND, and the hardcore / crossover / Thrash Metal band from Hopewell Junction, New York : LEPROSY.

mardi 7 décembre 2021

THE MURDERERS : One penfriend asked after 80's sessions by this band. Next ripps in the computer : Live radio 1985 in Durham, 1986 "Suffer the children" Demo TAPE and 1988 "Uncool..." Demo TAPE. Totally chaotic US (New Hampshire, Rochester) punk hardcore in the DISORDER tradition. Tons of energy and power, a blast of pure chaos! They have also 90's releases and a very recent one...

RADEGAST : "Demos 86/89" LP, 2021, 30-song from two Demo TAPES in their entireties. A lesson in fast hardcore punk and a total recent "bomb" release LP... Definitely the best release from 2021 without any doubt : A lesson from CZECHOSLOVAKIA!


With this RADEGAST 2021 LP recently released by Papagájův Hlasatel Records, Pavel FRIML (the label's owner) delivers us a "total bomb"!

On this LP, you can find both 80's first recordings by this band (in their entireties) which are some of the best ever sessions coming from the old East European Block of that times, in my humble opinion...

To have an idea of what we're talking about, this is the kind of stuff that you can play daily without never be bored, such as 1st MOSKWA 1984 Demo TAPE from POLAND, NIET early 80's recordings from SLOVENIA (Ex YUGOSLAVIA) or MARINA REVUE early days too, from HUNGARY.

Fast, straight ahead, catchy and short. Here are the main adjectives coming to describe the best all these Demo TAPE sessions.
Here's the story that you could find about this fantastic band, RADEGAST, on the old great site "KILL FROM THE HEART", that I revisited a few with the help of the inserts' LP :
Sometime in fall 1982 or beggining of 1983 (Nobody remembers it exactly), three young punx under the influence of early American hardcore punk bands like GERMS, DEAD KENNEDYS, YOUTH BRIGADE, M.D.C., DIE KREUZEN, MINOR THREAT, BATTALION OF SAINTS and POISON IDEA composed their first songs.
Slowly the first Czech hardcore punk band RADEGAST originated.
This primary lineup consisted of Milan JONSTA on Guitar and Vocals, Jaroslav SONEK on Drums and Miroslav STANEK on Bass. The band started to play shows.

The first lineup changes occured in 1984, when Jiri "BOBES" PROKS took over on Bass, Pavel KANIOK on Drums, and Dana KALOUSOVA joined on Vocals.

With this lineup, RADEGAST attempted to play out again. but it wasn't easy at all to be "punks" in CZECHOSLOVAKIA under the communist regime of that time. Gigs were performed in pubs secretly but often shut down by the police.

The first studio Demo TAPE was recorded in 1986 and released on the Bass player's label RYTMICKA MLADEZ. This 13-song session (Side A of this vinyl release) mapped the early era of the band and it is rough, violent stuff : Short songs with aggressive female vocals and strong distorted guitar. The label recorded in "absolutely underground conditions" and the sound quality is bad to average. I had the chance to have a good copy in the past and I'm happy with the result now...
Soon after the demo was recorded, Dana and Pavel left RADEGAST, rendering the band temporarily inactive. They appeared here and there on several TAPES Compilations...
At last, they found a new Drummer and the band was once again a three-piece : Milan JONSTA on Guitar and Vocals, Jiri PROKS on Bass and Joseph JANO on Drums.
RADEGAST played several great shows in this period, most memorable of which was the 1988 gig with H.N.F., where the audience was more cops than punx... It was the East block!

The second demo was recorded in 1989 (Side B of this vinyl release). It was released on RYTMICKA MLADEZ label as well. Once again, speed and intensity were the very even matched. The band incorporated interesting basslines and classic old school guitar solos. It's important to note that the band was employed again a lot of songs from the first 1986 Demo TAPE, in a very interesting way cause the versions are totally different...
This 19-song session was also influenced by groups like early CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER and with a point of WRETCHED.

From the beginning, their lyrics were about the (1980's) situation in CZECHOSLOVAKIA but also the darker side of life, catastrophic environmental devastation, violence, hate, stupidity, people's bad manners, etc...
Two more released on cassettes (with Demos songs from their both + live tracks), respectively in 1990 and 1991 came, one is a split live TAPE with the impressive SKIMMED, another Czech hardcore punk band a lot influenced by extrem metal kinds of that time...
1991 was the year RADEGAST made their first appearance on vinyl with their 6-song contribution to the "Fuck off, major labels!!!! Kompilace hardcore táhněte!!!!" Compilation LP, which was intended as a reply to productions and practices of labels such as MUTISONIC and MONITOR. These tracks were showed and improvement in recording quality from the demo sessions, but at the same time lacked the roughness and ferociousness of the old recordings.

That same year, RADEGAST released their extremely rare great self-released LP : "Otravena generace" (Poisoned generation).

 This one included songs from the foundation (rerecorded versions from the Demos songs) till today. It has been considered like "slightly worse than their older stuff". In fact, with age, this LP totally rules and the versions of the old Demos songs are great as well.
 In 1992, shortly after the LP was released, RADEGAST broke up and the members eventually moved on... It was one of the oldest hardcore-punk groups in CZECHOSLOVAKIA but everything comes to an end.
Nowadays, it's a great tribute to one of the very first bands from the old East block to speed and trash as its best. Speed, intensity, short, aggressive and... UNIQUE!

This is a total must have! A lesson from East Europe, so... Get it!