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samedi 20 novembre 2021



"Diggin' up the 90s vol. 1" is an official album compiling rare and/or obscure punk songs, only from the 1990s and 7"'s primarily, on AMOK RECORDS, a famous German label, actives from the mid 80's.

What a great idea had the owner (Holger SCHMIDT) here cause you have 16 songs about lost punk & HC gems !!!

Order it here :

This LP from 2021 featured tracks by obscure North American, Australian, Japanese and European punk groups and it rocks!!!
As soon as you have this excellent compilation LP in your hands, you cannot help but think about KILLED BY DEATH and BACK TO FRONT comp. LP's, of course.
But, if you decide to collect now the releases featuring on, you're lucky cause almost all the stuff aren't so difficult to get and it is cheap to buy them... At that time!
Ok, let's talk about the "menu" of this impressive release now :

It starts with ASHLEY VON HURTER AND THE HATERS, a short lived punk band from Providence, Rhode Island, USA. The song is a short, wild fast garage punk with a female singer. It's catchy a lot and the choice to open this LP with this song is a smart choice cause it catches your attention very quickly so, you want to listen more and more... Now you're totally into and ready to discover the release in its entirety.
OFFICIAL HOOLIGANS from USA too, follows. Their fast catchy mid tempo song is with, both, chorus and guitar riff  very catchy. Efficient, that was a new one for me. Thanks Holger for that!
Then, we go to Vancouver, Victoria, CANADA with the 1990 7" vinyl release by SHUTDOWN. The song is a typical melodic fast hardcore punk one, powerful and influenced a lot by the North American SEHC bands of that time, but they aren't SE...
Next stop is IRELAND with THE BLOODY MUTANTS. Their song is the first one of their 1998 split 7" that they released with NOISE POLLUTION, a band from Dublin. This is fast catchy punk hardcore influenced by the early 80's UK stuff style. This band has also a good 7" from 1999.
 Then, back to USA with VENDABAIT, an American punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio, with a 7" from 1992 released on Centsless Productions, a great punk rock record label also from Cincinnati. This one is still a lot obscure and it was also a new one for me, even if I have several releases from this label. I'll buy it a day for sure cause it's perfect primitive punk hardcore with a good female singer. Very cool!

Now, comes the better known band of this compilation (I totally agree with Holger about that!). THE WUSSIES, a melodic fast punk band from Connecticut, Wilton. The song is from their 1st 7". My memories about this band was a bit fuzzy but now, they serve. So, that's the proof that this LP does work very well, he, he, he...

The following song is a total "bomb". From Australia comes STALINS ORGAN, from Sydney. The song is from their killer excellent Split 7" with FERAL DREAMS, another Sydney's fast hardcore punk brilliant band. This 1994 split 7" is very rare and only a few have been pressed (100 copies pressed) witout any cover or artwork but some have been available later with xeroxed artwork (I assume it was the one previous originally but who never came in the 90's for some reasons...).
The Side A ends with a short-lived Band from Switzerland, KERBHOLZ. They released a Demo TAPE and a 7". Total primitive punk hardcore influenced by the typical early 80's German fast punk bands!
First part of the job is done, let's go now to the side B, with the same envy to enjoy the music, of course !
First song of the side B is a total killer. We're here back to USA, in Minneapolis with the great fast hardcore punk short song opening their 1st 7" by this brilliant band from Minnesota : MENSTRUAL TRAMPS.

Then, we go to France, with the side a of the only BETTY BONDAGE release from 1990 on the famous NEW WAVE RECORDS label from Paris, a label who did so many great stuff in the 80's...

Back in USA with the killer American hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois : FUCK THE BUREAUCRACY. A band with all the LOS CRUDOS performers except the singer. This combo released only a Demo TAPE and a 7". This is efficient fast hardcore punk, catchy and very well played. One of the "classics" from the 90's in my humble opinion...

The following song is from another new one for me. It's by FATHOM THEORY, an American hardcore band from Dayton, Ohio. This band played a pleasant mid tempo typical NYHC for that time (1992) and, to be honest, I'm not at all a fan of this style but the song is heavy and a good one. Not my fave but a good new stuff again...

Back to AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, with a song from the only 12" used for this great Comp. LP. It's by LEGEND KILLERS, a great hardcore punk band, still a lot obscure, who released this 12" in 1990. Another great classic vinyl in my humble opinon, rare and catchy!
PERTURBED from USA, Texas, San Antonio is the next band. Here again, a classic hardcore punk release from the 90's with a song from their 7-song 1991 7".
Still from USA, California (Covina), X-O TOXINS is the next band with a song from their 1991 only 7" release. You can hear a lot of 80's punk hardcore influences but with the typical US 90's sound of that time. Another "classic" from the US 90's stuff...
The last song of the Comp. is from the only Japanese band : THE HECK. It's from their 2nd 7" (from 1998). Here we have a fast melodic punk hardcore mid tempo song with excellent female singer + guitar riff. Another new one for me...
So, what did you get here ? : Definitely a great interesting release who help a lot people dedicated and open minded about the 90's, which was also a great decade for international punk hardcore bands. Don't sleep about cause the madness started very well here for the 90's stuff and I'm sure it will increase in the years coming cause more volumes (#2 & #3) are in the making. It's here now, and I hope it's going to be here for years... So great it is!
About the artwork, it's coming with a very nice cover and all the infos you need on the releases are printed on the back cover.
  Congratulations for the job + the great idea. Something was missing from that 90's times and you did it very well... Get it, it rocks!