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lundi 8 août 2022

NO PIGS : Demo TAPE 1986. Very rare killer session with some exclusive songs + versions by this cult 80's hardcore punk Dutch band.


Here's a total D.I.Y. customized cassette session. This 1983 Demo TAPE isn't listed at all on discogs. It's a great pity and I would invite people having the original one at home, to add this release in the discogs' database cause this Demo TAPE totally rules! They are some unreleased songs and versions, some of them are exclusive to this release. Feel free to get in touch if you do have an original TAPE version or any artworks + infos about..

So, after doing this same post on facebook, Nils Koning and Maarten Luijendijk, from the band, gave me the real infos about his release. So, it's not 1983 but 1986. The first NO PIGS recording is definitely their 1984 7", then the "Beware of the wolf" LP comp. songs. This came after that with a different drummer and it's the complete session recording of the "Radio Dood" Comp. cassette from 1986.. Also, I've updated a little the tracklist I had... Old tape traders circle was sometime with fakes and mistakes so, I thought during a very long time that this recording was the first ever one by NO PIGS. I got it with these wrong infos by a famous cool old tape trader from Berlin and I'm pretty sure he didn't know too the "story". Anyway, it won't change the great music, thanks again to the performers for their time.

lundi 7 février 2022

F.P.B. : "Rockfest Live 1986" LP (Czech Republic) 2021

Another fine vinyl LP release by PHR RECORDS here with an official live LP by F.P.B, recorded on June 29th, 1986 at Czechoslovakian rock festival : "ROCKFEST".

F.P.B. (Fourth Price Band) is a Czech punk band from Teplice, predecessor to Už Jsme Doma.

The band name translates in Czech as “Čtvrtá cenová skupina”, which refers to the then usual official price categories in Czechoslovak restaurants and pubs : the “4th price category” denoted the lowest standard, i.e. the lowest required service quality, comfort, and of course the lowest beer prices...
What can I say except that this one is very pleasant fast punk hardcore band from Eastern Europe. It's also one of the finest underground bands I’ve ever heard from Czechoslovakia at that time.
By the way, once again we have a very nice release, with, as usual with this label, a great two sided double sized insert included tons of cool pictures.
Another very interesting release about an old band from the old Eastern block.
GET IT ! :