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jeudi 9 avril 2020

FRAT BOYS : Great original 2007 CDr Demo. Fantastic fast hardcore punk session by this US short-lived band from VA. This killer stuff has been released three years later on vinyl 7", in its entirety, by WHO CARES? RECORDS.

SEX FÜHRERS : For those about into only vinyl releases, how many time people are going to ignore this fantastic only CD release from 2012? Total catchy killer fast melodic punk hardcore stuff from SPAIN! Try it and let's press it on vinyl cause they are too few copies of the original format available... A total must have!

BORED STRAIGHT : Essential brilliant 2010 TAPE release with unreleased demos and outtakes. Killer US fast hardcore punk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

CHAIN RANK : Killer 2015 12" release by this US hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. Performers played (and still plays) in many more good bands...

ARMY OF JESUS : Their last 7", still very good 2006 hardcore punk release by this US band.

ARMY OF JESUS : Another 2005 brilliant 7" ep release by this US hardcore punk band.